Welcome to That YA Podcast

It’s official! That YA Podcast is now out in the world, or rather, just chilling out in the Cloud until you download it – which you definitely should! There’s a ton of places you can listen to it on, including the Podcasts app on Apple, YouTube and Soundcloud. We’ll be adding it to more podcasting apps this week before the first episode of Season One is released next Tuesday!

Make sure you’re following us on all our social media so you don’t miss an episode. And, of course, make sure you subscribe to our podcast to get immediate downloads as soon as the episodes are released! Trust me, you won’t want to miss them.

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For now, we just have a little trailer to share with you! If listening online is your thing, you can do that right here. We hope you enjoy!


Casey: Hey everyone! Welcome to That YA Podcast. This is Casey.

Sarah: And Sarah.

C: Here to tell you more about our upcoming first series, entitled Fall For You.

S: Fall For You is a contemporary young adult novella that follows the lives of two Melbourne teenagers, Megan and Des. In short, this season is about queer girls, anxiety, and art.

C: Fall For You will be told in alternating chapters between Megan and Des. I’ll be reading out Des’s part, which follows the life of a public school girl who’s thrust into the different world of a private school, her home life and how she copes with it, and her first real relationship.

S: And I’ll be telling the story of Megan, an anxious seventeen year-old whose life revolves around studying and getting into her dream course. Until she meets Des.

C: Ultimately, Fall For You is a story about love, toxic relationships, mental health, and university. But at its core are two girls, both struggling in their own ways, who come together in a whirlwind of romance which shows that the idea of ‘love at first sight’ is inherently flawed, love doesn’t cure all, and sometimes people don’t get what they deserve.

S: The first episode of Season One will be available on iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud, and anywhere else you want to listen, on Tuesday the 30th of January. From then, episodes will be uploaded every Tuesday, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss them.

C: Until then, you can follow us on all our social media channels — we’re @ That YA Podcast everywhere. But for now, we just have a little snippet to share with you!

S: Enjoy!

[intro music]

Des: Long story short, I graffed the back of an art gallery… On my third shift, I met Megan Chen.

Megan: And then she did the thing with her lips where they just tugged up a little on one side, like she had a secret she couldn’t tell anyone. It was cute. She was cute.

Des: I finally felt like I belonged somewhere.

Megan: But being with her… talking to her.

Des: With Megan though… it was different.

Megan: It was like someone saw me for the first time.

Des: While she admired the art, I studied her. Her eyes tracked the lines of the piece… She had noticed me.

Megan: I’m sure I’ll be recording more of these if something eventuates, or if my life suddenly becomes interesting.

Des: Let me guess — it’ll start raining too? Maybe a grand piano will drop out of the sky and put me out of my misery?

Megan: I doubt it, but you never know.

Des: I can make it to the fence if I’m fast enough.

[crash, yell]

Megan: Not if Dessie has something to do with it.

Des: Stop listening to my personal shit, creeper. [yells] I don’t wanna be here anyway!

Megan: Until then, I guess. Megan Chen, signing off.

[outro music]

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