That YA Podcast was inspired by two friends’ passion for reading, writing, and podcasts. Both lovers of audiobooks, Sarah and Casey wanted to start their own YA storytelling podcast that’s all about diversity, the subversion of tropes, and queer romance.

Season One of That YA Podcast is a contemporary novella optimised for the spoken word, told through dual narration in alternating chapters. This is Audible meets Wattpad in a compelling new creation that entwines the love of writing in a format that embraces the changing world of storytelling and celebrates consuming compelling content on the go.

That YA Podcast is one of the first of its kind, created especially for those who have a passion for young adult literature and audiobooks. Through its weekly instalments, That YA Podcast aims to enthral and captivate listeners, leaving them wanting more.

Season One follows the lives of two Melbourne high school students – Megan and Des. Entitled Fall For You, this is a story about love, toxic relationships, mental health, and university. But at its core are two girls, both struggling in their own ways, who come together in a whirlwind of romance which shows that the idea of ‘love at first sight’ is inherently flawed, love doesn’t cure all, and sometimes people don’t get what they deserve.

Bittersweet and raw, Megan and Des’s story reveals that life isn’t what it seems like in the books – it’s messy, and complex, and love is the most complicated thing of them all.

Start listening to That YA Podcast late January, 2018.

About the Creators


Sarah Robinson-Hatch is a student who, when not dwelling in fantasy worlds or outer space, resides in Melbourne.

Sarah has won a number of writing awards and hopes to one day have a novel published. Her favourite things to write about are teenagers saving the human race during world-ending cataclysms and death scenes, both of which probably freak her out more than any potential readers.

When she’s not writing, she can be found trying to wrangle fifteen novels onto a bookstore counter, thinking of how she can best make readers cry, or fangirling to the point of hyperventilating over fan-art, movie trailers and authors favouriting her Tweets.

She thinks every type of weather is reading weather and refuses to leave the house without two books in her bag — just in case she finishes the first one. She blogs over at Written Word Worlds, co-hosts a Melbourne book club called The YA Room, and is constantly on Twitter @SarahRHatch.


Casey Murphy is a twenty three year old home grown Melbournian, She’s been writing from a young age, and reading from younger.

Casey’s been a number of things, always slightly covered with dog hair is the main one. An avid job hopper, a sometimes runner.

She’s been a door knocker for an environmental charity, dressed up as a fireman in shopping centers to sell calendars, a baker that is unfortunately allergic to flour and happens to enjoy sleep ins over the smell of baking bread, and finally a one man show for a marketing company, but shh she likes to think she’s the manager of the multiple toys littering her desk, and the dog found asleep at her feet.

She blogs over at Adoptabookaus and can be found yelling about books on Instagram and Twitter @adoptabookaus.